Saturday, April 24, 2010

home to the island!

wow. crazy week!!! finals. packing. cleaning. last chances to hang out with friends before summer. oh and the boy. lots of time with him as well! hehehe.

for those of you that dont know, i am spending the summer with my family in crofton, hoping to get a job somewhere nearby (probably duncan) and yah, just having a good summer with the fam is the plan!!! the next few weeks however will continue to be chaos as my best friend kerrin is getting married may 15th and im her maid of honor!! i have been able to do practically nothing since she is in powell river and im in surrey so im hoping to make it up to her in the final weeks before the wedding!

i will hopefully be up to courtenay to visit lots... and hopefully a trip or two to campbell river and gold river as well!!!

so yes. schools out for the summer (did anyone else start singing the song in their head? that was my plan! muwahahah). i have one day left here (gonna be spent mostly with joshua <3 before 4 months apart!! gah!)

so im stoked for summer for so many reasons; sun, family, adventures, making money!! =)

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